Marine TeamTM

An articulation video game providing isolation, syllable and word level practice.

How Does it Work?

Kids can select from fun characters to fish in different environments.

Reinforce proper production by casting the line and letting the kid catch a fish.

Make articulation therapy fun and engaging for your kids!

Data Driven

Tracks performance throughout the session.


Calculates percent accuracy at the end of the session.


 Automatically provides a session data report at the end of the session saving you time and simplifying your session notes.


Group practice with up to four students, each with different targets.

Use for isolation level practice for any target, or as a data collection tool for endless therapy activities.

Customize your treatment session to focus on one phoneme in one position, or multiple phonemes in multiple positions.

Mix target phonemes at random to promote generalization.

Engaging COntent

Engaging characters, animations, and images help maintain a child’s focus.

Children can select a character for play to help with motivational preparation.

Child’s character catches a fish for every correct production to reinforce accuracy.

Different backgrounds and scenes change to maintain motivation throughout the session.

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