Speech Database

Verboso is committed to building speech recognition based products to improve the delivery of speech therapy.

To do this we are developing a database of impaired speech.

To help therapists contribute to the database and deliver articulation drill therapy at the same time we created the Articulation Drill Game.

How You Can Help

Contact us to download Articulation Drill Game from the App Store.

Create an account, register participants and use the app to easily request parental consent.

Use the game to deliver engaging drill therapy to the child.


Prior to each sound production press the "Record" button. Following the sound production press the "Stop" button to record and automatically upload the utterance to the database.

Repeat each sound three times to reward the child by bursting the object at the center of the screen.

Cycle through all sounds to complete the session.

Look for your name on our social media pages and on our contributors page.

Contact us now to download Articulation Drill Game and contribute to this open-source project while delivering fun and engaging articulation practice to your kids!

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